My Story

Hello ! I'm Stephanie, on most days you will find me chasing after or being chased by a super cute group of little's. (I have a home daycare.) There is usually a cup of coffee not too far from my side. I'm a Mama to a super handsome (totally not biased) little man Wesson James. He's kind of a big deal in my world. I've been married to my amazing, supportive husband Jared since 2009. Every day I am thankful I married my best friend.

Just a few random things :

I grew up in Colorado, I met my husband while he was going to school there. 

I love Target (seriously it's an issue why is everything there so CUTE?!) 

I could literally eat Mexican food all day everyday, if only I knew how to make it! 

Fixer Upper is my Jam I really want Joanna to just come to Wisconsin and fix up my house ! 

Party Planning makes me super happy. especially when it comes to my sons birthday parties !!!!

Distressed Jeans, Tees, Flip flops or Converse are my kind of outfits and usually what you will find me wearing pretty much daily. 

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!!!