Spring Mini's and Why the MS society

I wanted to write a blog post so I could share why I chose to donate proceeds to Walk MS. Before I get into all of that I wanted to share the details of the Minis:

Spring Minis

This year for spring minis I decided to do kiddos only

Date- April 14th (If the weather is bad the back up date will be the 21st)

Location- I will send out the location closer to the date (it will be in the Baldwin/Woodville area)

Price - $95 (1/2 due upon booking) for a 15 minute session includes 10 edited digital images and an online gallery (Booking Calendar will be at the bottom of this blog post)

Each kiddo that participates will get a little treat of some sort if your child has any allergies please let me know before hand so I can properly plan ! 

The set up will be pretty simple to keep the focus on those beautiful kiddos. There will be some pretty flower crowns, tulips, and of course some chairs, crates and a beautiful spring quilt.



When I decided to pursue photography I really wanted to be able to give back to different charities and causes that I really believed in. So this year I chose the MS society. Some of you know why I chose it and some may not so here is my why.


   In late August 2013 we learned how your whole life can change in an instant. My husband went to bed a seemingly healthy 28 year old man, but when he woke up everything had changed. After a lot of convincing (my husband is one of those people that will disregard some alarming symptoms to avoid going into the doctors) and talking to the local hospital he decided to go in to the ER. Hours and multiple tests later his MRI revealed he had lesions on his brain and needed to be transferred to United Hospital for further testing. That day was one of the scariest days in both of our lives. He was progressively getting worse and by the next weekend he had little to no movement in his whole right side. He was stuck in the hospital not knowing what was wrong with him and not knowing what his future may hold. He has always been a very active person he loves fishing and hunting. When the doctors came back and finally gave him the diagnosis of MS we both broke down and only thought of the worse. If you don't know much about MS don't feel bad neither did I. I had no clue the amount of people and families MS has affected. What makes it such a horrible and scary disease is that it is so unpredictable. Some people can live a somewhat normal life and for some people the affects are absolutely devastating. We have been pretty lucky with Jared's , he was diagnosed with Relapsing and Remitting. He was prescribed Rebif and so far it has been working amazing. Jared takes shots every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to help keep his Immune system dampened down so it stops attacking his own body.We are also fortunate he has some really good health insurance and he works for some pretty awesome people who have worked with him and changed things around to help him keep working when he was first coming back . MS as a whole is a ridiculously expensive disease. If you had to pay for Rebif out of pocket it would be $5,304.49 a month. That isn't including the cost of your Neuro visit every 6 months and the yearly MRI. It is so important to my family and to so many other people's that they find a cure. Imagining  a world where you don't have to worry that every fever wont lead to another relapse, or every new symptom means it is getting worse sounds amazing. MS sucks there is no getting around that, it destroys a lot of peoples lives.  It is a thief it came to Jared and thought it could break him down and make him weak but it was wrong it only made him stronger and it will never win. Every day he fights a battle that no one can see and somehow comes out of it still smiling and I couldn't be more proud of the man he is.