Life's Been Crazy!

Holy Buckets you guys, things have been crazy the last couple of weeks! They have been filled with some super awesome things and some super not so awesome things. My kiddo has had some pretty exciting things happening in his world.

First up he turned 5, WAIT WHAT? How did this happen? Seriously though life seems to be just flying by it's hard to keep up. 

Then just like that he started his first day of 4k, which may or may not have had this Mama crying like a baby and listening to Kenny Chesney's Don't Blink on repeat. He is a lucky little man though and he got to start school with all of his daycare buddies, which I am so incredibly thankful for.

Last up this week we had his birthday party. Anybody who know's me knows I go a bit overboard with everything. I REALLY REALLY love to plan parties. So he decided he wanted a police birthday including amazing Donuts from Holy Donuts, lots of fun games and a donut pinata. He definitely had a blast and got spoiled rotten. 

 Now that life has settled down a bit I am ready and I am so excited for Fall and all of the Fall session's I have coming up !